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    Tell Your Story

    Everyone has a story. In fact, we have multiple stories. And most of us enjoy telling our stories, don’t we? …the story about how you missed being in a huge car wreck by one split second. …the story about when you met that famous person who impacted your life deeply. …the story about a major decision that changed the direction of your life. You’ve probably told similar stories again and again. What about the story of your life being saved, by a famous person, who then changed the direction of your life? Have you told that one lately? After Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, the disciples…

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    A Chance To Change

    A question was presented to me several months ago: “What if you were defined by your worst mistake?” My biggest mistake is a very long and boring story that I’ll spare you from. Yet I can’t help cringing at the thought of people knowing me by the intimate details of my failure. Today, that’s not who I am. The Lord didn’t forgive me because I was good enough for His mercy, but He gave it to me anyway. Shouldn’t we, forgiven sinners, have mercy on the men and women behind bars? If you’ve never gone to prison before, you might be shocked by what you’d find. I’ve seen the TV…

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    God Is Faithful

    I gave my life to Jesus my senior year in high school. Ever since then, it’s been a struggle to deal with the fact that my family isn’t saved. Now that I know who God truly is and understand His unconditional love for us, I have prayed for my family to know that feeling as well. Having a relationship with God is truly amazing! Once you accept God’s love, you want everyone to know it. However, instead of trying to save my family, I have come to understand that it’s a job only God can do. Since then, I’ve given it to the Lord and prayed for them daily. About…

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    “Where were you on September 11, 2001?” That’s a question many people ask on this day. Perhaps more important than remembering where we were, is to remember who we are – as families, friends, communities, and a nation. We are stronger together. We care about each other. We know how to work together. We are a country where individuals can enjoy freedom, peace, and opportunities. We look for ways to overcome evil with good. We believe that God can heal broken hearts and restore hope. May we never forget the ones who gave their lives on 9/11. May we honor those who continue to serve in this country in various…

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    God at Work: Past & Present

    The 2or3 Team is excited to announce that starting in September we will begin sharing special articles in the “Explore” tab each week! On Mondays you can discover ways God has worked in the past by reading the #HistorySpotlight. And on Fridays you can read about what God is doing now through different churches in our country in the #ChurchHighlight. Our desire is for these articles to encourage, inform, and inspire you. We hope you’ll also benefit from sharing with each other in the comments around this content as well. Praise God for His faithful work both past and present! Blessings, -2or3 Team  

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    Feed: Easy to share with your friends

    “A new command I give you: Love one another” -John 13:34 Do you want to stay updated on things with your friends and family? The new “Feed” page makes it more convenient to stay connected and engage with others in 2or3.   Stay updated on moments in your “Feed” The “Feed” feature makes it easier than ever to discover and explore, as well as stay connected to friends and family. The “Feed” places all of the moments, prayers, discussions, comments, and updates from the people you are following in one location. You can type your content directly at the top of the “Feed” page to post your updates. You can…

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    New Features – Enjoy 2or3 with Your Friends

    “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” -Matthew 18:20 God gives us beautiful friendships so we can encourage and help each other. The 2or3 app is a tool you can use to grow with your friends – as you pray for each other, participant in events, and read the Bible. Now you can easily find your friends in 2or3 and do these things together. Here are some of the new features in version 3.4 that we hope will be helpful: Add friends   If you want to start a private chat with someone, first add that person as a “Friend.” Tap on the…

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    Big News: Private chat is here!

    Now you can start a 1 on 1 chat with any member of your group, and you can have private conversations with friends in 2or3. Let’s look at how you can use this new feature: Start a private chat on the Chat page. Click the plus sign “+” on the Chat page and select “Start Private Chat.”   Select the person you want to chat with, and click on their name to start a conversation.   Start a private chat from your friend’s profile page. You can go to a friend’s profile page by clicking on their picture in the group member list, or wherever you see their profile picture.…

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    We’re Listening

    Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future. –Proverbs 19:20   We live in a time when constructive criticism is viewed as a personal attack, and feedback often goes ignored. However at 2or3, we embrace and appreciate your feedback. We have been reading your reviews, comments, discussions, and emails regarding what we need to fix and what we can do better to improve your experience in 2or3.   Here are some of the most notable updates in version 3.2 that were requested by users:    *You can now see who participated in a prayer, event, or poll. This gives you more opportunities to connect with…

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    What does Ramadan mean for Christians?

    “The 1.6 billion Muslims on earth don’t know about the salvation by grace that is available to them.” -Gospel for Muslim Ministries While many Christians know that Ramadan exists, they don’t see it as an opportunity to share the love of Christ. (Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast from sunset to sunrise every day.) If you have a Muslim coworker or neighbor, Ramadan is a good time to initiate, maintain, or grow a relationship with them.     Our friends at GFM (Gospel for Muslim Ministries) invite us to pray for the following requests: PRAY that Muslims would encounter dreams and visions of Jesus, enlightening the eyes of their…