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Connecting at the KCBI Breakfast

On November 13, we were delighted to sponsor the KCBI Business Networking Breakfast!

90.9 KCBI FM is a popular Christian radio station in Dallas/Fort Worth that has a great emphasis on serving and ministry. They organized this networking breakfast as an opportunity to fellowship and connect. About 100 business men and women gathered at the Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas.



Chris Kinsel, the Director of Business relations at KCBI, kicked off the event at 8:00. People were busily engaged in conversations, while enjoying their hearty breakfast. Matt Austin, the General Manager of KCBI, gave some opening remarks and led in prayer. The keynote speech was given by Tong Zang, General Manager, and Shelby Lewis, Customer Service and Event Specialist for 2or3.

We shared about the journey of the 2or3 app – from seeing the need for Christian community in today’s fast-moving world, to carrying out the mission of providing an online mobile platform for Christians to use anytime, anywhere. We highlighted the key features in 2or3, including public and private groups, an interactive feed, the prayer functions, and the Bible reader. We shared encouraging testimonies from 2or3 members about how they’ve been blessed through the app.

The event was a huge success. Attendees shared business information and vision for their businesses, as well as testimonies to encourage each other. At the conclusion of the event, there was a drawing for prizes: a gift card to Bob’s Steakhouse and an Alexa home system. 2or3 did a drawing to give away two T-shirts. John Randolph and Amanda McDaniel happily received a 2or3 T-shirt.

We also created an event group for this networking breakfast for attendees to download the app and join the group. The networking and fellowship that happened at the event can now continue in the event group in 2or3.



It’s wonderful to see like-minded Christians getting connected, through this networking event and through the online platform of 2or3.


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