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Together In Community

Our vision for the 2or3 app is to help bring Christians together in community. Through our group features, people are able to communicate with other like-minded believers and build authentic friendships.

Recently we heard a testimony from one of the groups in 2or3 that they were able to meet up in person! They each traveled from their respective locations, some from different states, to meet in the Washington D.C. area for a group activity. Some group members had to take time off from work or from their busy schedule, but they made the gathering happen, and they enjoyed a great time together!

Experiencing Christian community is what 2or3 is about. Community is essential in our walk with Jesus. In order to continue to grow and mature in our faith, we need accountability and people who will pour into us. Jesus didn’t do life alone while He was on this earth. Why should we?

Some members from the group who met in D.C. are also reading “The Purpose Driven Life” together. This helps them stay in contact and updated about each other’s lives. They also pray for each other weekly, allowing opportunity to form great relationships.

We love hearing these stories of how amazing friendships are being formed and community is happening through your groups and your faithfulness to the Lord. Please keep sharing your stories of what God is doing, so we can rejoice with you!


Kenya is a part of the 2or3 team. She loves to share all about what God has done in her life. Currently, she is a senior studying journalism while she also interns with us.

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