Enjoy the new updates!

Recently we have released new versions of the 2or3 app that have some new features. We hope you will enjoy these updates, as well as some visual changes to the app.


New Features for both Andriod and iOS:

The app has an enhanced prayer list. You can now select various prayers that you want to pray for, and you can edit your prayer list. You can also see how many days in a row you have prayed, which can help motivate you to continue praying.

Also, it’s now easier to find people because your group members list and friends list are in alphabetical order.

And all your published content (moments, prayers, etc.) is now shown on your profile page.


For iOS:

The privacy settings have been enhanced, so when you post a moment, prayer, or video, you can select the option for it to only be visible to your friends or to yourself. Content posted as “Private” or for your “Friends” can’t be shared or reposted.

Also, when you unfollow someone, their feed content will be removed from your feed.


For Android:

The privacy settings have been enhanced, so you can select the option to verify group invites from friends.

You can now bookmark any content that you want to save and look at again later.

You can also share prayers, discussions, and videos from the “Explore” tab to private chats.


Let us know how you like the new features! We appreciate your feedback and your reviews. May God bless us as we continue to grow in community.

-2or3 Team


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