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“A new command I give you: Love one another” -John 13:34

Do you want to stay updated on things with your friends and family?

The new “Feed” page makes it more convenient to stay connected and engage with others in 2or3.


Stay updated on moments in your “Feed”

The “Feed” feature makes it easier than ever to discover and explore, as well as stay connected to friends and family. The “Feed” places all of the moments, prayers, discussions, comments, and updates from the people you are following in one location.

You can type your content directly at the top of the “Feed” page to post your updates. You can also post special content such as prayers, Bible verses, discussions, or videos from YouTube.

On your “Feed” page, you will only see the updates of the people you are following in 20r3. If you don’t know how to follow and add friends, check out how to follow and add friends.

Discover and connect in “Explore”

The new “Explore” tab makes it easier to discover events in your community, to experience new content, and to connect with others.

You can explore trending topics by clicking on a specific #hashtag, and you can receive updates from others by following them.



Connect your content to trending topics with #hashtags

#Hashtags are now officially supported within the 2or3 app. Use #hashtags to connect your content with trending topics.

All of your previous content will be transferred to the new “Feed” page, which will act as an archive and home for all of your personal contributions to your 2or3 community.


Update your 2or3 app to version 3.6 from Google Play today and enjoy!


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