New Features – Enjoy 2or3 with Your Friends

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” -Matthew 18:20

God gives us beautiful friendships so we can encourage and help each other. The 2or3 app is a tool you can use to grow with your friends – as you pray for each other, participant in events, and read the Bible. Now you can easily find your friends in 2or3 and do these things together.

Here are some of the new features in version 3.4 that we hope will be helpful:

Add friends  

If you want to start a private chat with someone, first add that person as a “Friend.”

Tap on the “You” tab and click the “Invite” button. You will see the different options for adding friends.


2or3 will also recommend some people you may know. They may attend the same church as you, or they may be friends in your phone contacts or friends on Facebook.

You can click the “+ Friend” button to send a friend request. If the person accepts your request, then you become “Friends” in 2or3.

You can add friends through Facebook, your phone contacts, by scanning a QR code, or with other options. You can also go to someone’s profile page in 2or3 and add them as a friend there.

To read more about how to invite friends, please check out this article in 2or3’s FAQs.

Privacy settings and block list

We have added privacy settings for your account. You can choose to  “Allow others to follow you” or not. You can also select “Allow others to add you as a friend” or not.

If necessary, you can also block another person.

To learn more about the privacy settings, you can read this article.


Change “Notifications” settings and access “Help”  articles

Under the “Settings” tab, you can adjust your notifications. If for some reason, you don’t want to be disturbed, you can mute all notifications from 2or3. You can even set a starting and ending time for muting notifications.

Also in the “Settings” tab, you will find a “Help” section where you can access all the FAQs for 2or3. If you have a question, select the appropriate category, and you will find various articles to help you.


We hope you like the new features. Update your 2or3 app to version 3.4 from the App Store or Google Play today!



  • Ron Shultz

    It wil be more useful to me when I can use a full keyboard. Using the phone for short texts is fine, but responding to many questions requires longer answers and my far fingers do OK on a standard keyboard but it takes so much longer on this mini thang. 😀

    • Shelby Lewis

      Hi Paul, that’s a good question! Most all of the groups on 2or3 are user initiated and administered, and the admin can close any group at their discretion. We do not know if the admin chose to close the group, or why they did, but I gather by your comment that the group is no longer available? That said, any user is allowed to create any public or private group they’d like, whether that’s with friends, family members, church groups, or whomever! You’re certainly welcome to start another group for LA if you’d like to, but please keep in mind, we are not a dating app to begin with. Thank you Paul!

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