Big News: Private chat is here!

Now you can start a 1 on 1 chat with any member of your group, and you can have private conversations with friends in 2or3. Let’s look at how you can use this new feature:

Start a private chat on the Chat page.

  1. Click the plus sign “+” on the Chat page and select “Start Private Chat.”


  1. Select the person you want to chat with, and click on their name to start a conversation.


Start a private chat from your friend’s profile page.

You can go to a friend’s profile page by clicking on their picture in the group member list, or wherever you see their profile picture. Click “Chat” to start a 1 on 1 conversation with that friend.


Start a private chat directly in your Friends list.

Click on Friends in the You page. From your friends list, click on the conversation icon  next to the friend you want to start a private chat with.


You can only start a 1 on 1 chat with your friends – the people who you have followed and who have followed you. To see how to follow other 2or3 users, you can click here:

Using a private chat is the same as using a group chat. In addition to sending messages, you can also send verses, prayers, events, polls, pictures, etc. From a private chat, you can add prayers to your prayer list and events to your calendar. You can swipe left and right to view any pictures in your private chat.

Enjoy chatting with your friends now and sharing prayers, verses, and more. May God bless this tool to bring friends closer together in Jesus!



  • Ron Taylor

    Looking forward to hearing and making new friends I don’t have really any close friends but 1 I know but he’s not a Christian but he’s a great friend who I can share things I’m going through and I don’t ever have to worry about him telling other people especially at work where there are not hardly many that I can trust anymore especially this 1 coworker who talks behind my back and when I’ve asked him did he say this or that when I already know he did say something to my coworkers he will lie right to my face so we recently got into a big issue and to this day we haven’t talked to one another in over a month.which even though it’s a stressful at times it’s better for me in the long run because of some health issues I have and before I could finish this letter he came into the men’s locker room and gave me the dirtiest look you could give anyone just because when I was writing this I accidentally lost track of time and I came back from my last break 16 late oh my god I’m such a awful person it must be nice to be so perfect and never make mistakes this man has been bullying me and harassing me for years and I’m beyond tired of his crap please I need lots of prayers thanks 🙏

    • Jamie Wade

      Hi Ron. There are good people. I promise you will find good people in your life. I’m so sorry you are going through these hard times. I get picked on a lot too. No clue why either.

  • Ron Taylor

    I need lots of prayers today I’ve been going through a lot from a coworker who has been harassing and bullying me for years and I’m so sick and tired of this man why does he always signal me out to bully and harass me for so many years when all I’ve tried to do is be a friend but obviously that’s never going to happen he’s such a mean person

  • Katriel

    Have y’all made a way to block certain people yet? Along with myself, I have a lot of friends who could benefit greatly from it! Thanks guys

    • Shelby Lewis

      Hi Katriel, yes! You’re able to block someone by tapping the three dots in the top right of their profile and selecting the “Block User” option. Also, if you’re in a private chat, you have the option of tapping the three dots in the top right of the message to block the other person if you’d like to. Thank you for asking! We were excited to add it to our app a few months ago, thank you Katriel!

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