We’re Listening

Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future. –Proverbs 19:20


We live in a time when constructive criticism is viewed as a personal attack, and feedback often goes ignored. However at 2or3, we embrace and appreciate your feedback. We have been reading your reviews, comments, discussions, and emails regarding what we need to fix and what we can do better to improve your experience in 2or3.


Here are some of the most notable updates in version 3.2 that were requested by users:

   *You can now see who participated in a prayer, event, or poll. This gives you more opportunities to connect with the growing community of users around you.

   *When viewing an event, you can instantly add the date to your Google or iPhone calendar by tapping the “Add to schedule” option below the location icon.

   *Users can view multiple pictures in groups simply by tapping a picture and then swiping right or left.

   *If you are a group administrator, you can request to increase the number of people allowed in your group once it reaches the member limit of 300.


As a young and still-developing app, we know your feedback is crucial to making 2or3 a place where you can engage in genuine connections and experience community. As we continue to grow, we will continue to listen to you — our users — to make your experience in 2or3 the best it can be.


Please take a minute to answer this short survey to help us improve. To share any additional feedback, please email us or leave a comment here.


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