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What does Ramadan mean for Christians?

“The 1.6 billion Muslims on earth don’t know about the salvation by grace that is available to them.” -Gospel for Muslim Ministries

While many Christians know that Ramadan exists, they don’t see it as an opportunity to share the love of Christ. (Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast from sunset to sunrise every day.)

If you have a Muslim coworker or neighbor, Ramadan is a good time to initiate, maintain, or grow a relationship with them.


Pray With Us During Ramadan


Our friends at GFM (Gospel for Muslim Ministries) invite us to pray for the following requests:

  • PRAY that Muslims would encounter dreams and visions of Jesus, enlightening the eyes of their hearts (Ephesians 1:18) to know and receive the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6).
  • PRAY that the Lord will use this works-based holiday to prompt Muslims to ask questions of their faith, and cause them to hunger and seek out the grace that is missing.
  • PRAY for and reach out to Muslims in your sphere of influence. Commit to praying for them by name in particular this month, so they may encounter the eternal hope Jesus offers.

The Muslim world is being impacted by the gospel today in astounding numbers. Some are having dreams and visions of Jesus that they do not understand, and others are seeing miracles like never before.

If you know someone (or just know of someone) who is from a Muslim background, please show them the compassion Jesus has shown you.

A few practical ways to get involved during Ramadan:

  • Talk to the Muslims in your neighborhood, office, or social circles.
  • Ask if they’re fasting, celebrating, seeing family, etc.
  • Offer to bring them a food dish after dark, as they usually have a feast after the sundown.
  • Love like Jesus loved/loves us. In the Bible, Jesus didn’t approach unrighteous people with harsh words or judgement, but rather He regularly ate with “sinners.” This angered the Pharisees, because eating with another person in their culture signified total acceptance. In many ways, it still does. Approach people of Muslim faith, or other faiths, as Jesus did, and show compassion.

We invite you to check out Gospel for Muslim Ministries, and see how you can get involved to reach the world for Christ.

GFM Ministries

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