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At 2or3 we officially reached 50K users today, as a five-month old app. In the last few months, we’ve heard many wonderful stories about how our brothers and sisters in 2or3 have built community. They have supported each other through prayer and helped one another walk through difficult times.

Do you or your friends have a 2or3 testimony you would like to share with us? If so, please share it in this group or in the comments section below, or you can email us at contact@2or3.io.

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  • Amber

    I’ve all ways wanted an app like this. It’s very difficult finding like minded people in this world we live in today. I don’t get out much and I’ve always wanted to meet new people and make freinds and 2or3 just BOOM showed up on my Instagram feed one day and I was all for it. I even shared this to a freind and she’s enjoying it as much as I am. Thank you so much.💙

    • All Praise and All Thanksgiving..To God Be The Glory with Fervent Hope, Genuine Faith and True Love. .Caring Getting along with each other in Christ Jesus. Our Lord and Savior...

      God always keeps, bless and loves you so do we..Take care always. ..

    • Hope

      This just popped up on my Insta feed too! Still figuring out how it works. 🙂 I was looking for an app to get to know people. 😊

  • Jeff keckler

    I praise the Lord for the opportunity I had to have Christian parents who nourished me in God’s word from a child.. I was baptized in his spirit at age 8 and was later baptized symbolically in water for the world to witness God’s transformation… My parents are both in heaven now with my wife and oldest brother…God has truly blessed me with spiritual blessings over the years…I am 57 years of age and grow everyday in his grace.. I am still learning to except the things I don’t understand in trusting that no matter what situation I’m in that God is in total control….I faulter here at times and try to do things in my on control therefore losing God’s direction…so I ask for prayer to count it all joy when compasses with different trials of life…. I joined a lot of social media forums that aren’t necessarily God’s direction for my life out of loss of spouse and other things..so keep me in your prayers on these matters…in fact God leading me here is already a blessing in process I give thanks to the Lord and community here in able to share….in Jesus name amen

  • Charles McGuirk

    When I first met her 6 years ago I was a mess. We tried to be a couple but we we? re only ever friends. She was a very spiritually religious person her entire life. When I first met her I said there’s an angel with you and you’ve been sent to bring me to God. I got sober September 3rd 2012 do to her influence. I moved on with my life but kept in contact with her. She came down with breast cancer, it metastasized went into her bones, her brain and eventually killed her. Two weeks before she died she was on her deathbed and she called me to tell me that she had been seeing and Talking to Angels, and that what I had told her was the truth that I was her purpose and now that her purpose was fulfilled God had prepared and place special for her.

    She is my angel

  • Cynthia

    Thank you so much for doing this! I was skeptical at first since nowadays everything has to be paid for or there’s just so much spam going on. as I wanted to reach out to have friends in faith, I also found myself helping others who went thru same life difficulties like myself. I was able to relate to others and build a bond. I wish there was however a direct message that could be possible because lots of people don’t like to out all their personal problems for everyone to read. But overall THANKFUL!!! what a blessing this app is…you have no idea 🙏

  • Chris clark

    35 years of meth addiction, Redeemed by the blood of Christ, through a full surrender in Jesus name Ezekiel 36:25 26 and 27 by his stripes I am healed drug-free alcohol-free 6 years going let go of yourself and let Jesus in surrender your sin and be made whole giving God all the glory through Christ my savior

  • Janet

    When I was inside my mother she was pregnant 5 months with me. My Father and Mother where drinking alcohol that night and my oldest brother witnessed my Father pushing my Mother down a flight of stairs she almost miscarried me but our Father had other plans for me.

  • Raymond DuPree

    God Saved my Life Several Times.. The 1st time was in 1978 & i was 5 years old.. I was Kidnapped from my Front Yard while making Snow Angels (True) .. I dont remember much but i do remember waking up Very Cold in the Snow & it was DEEP in 1978 that year.. But i had on only a t-shirt Underwear & Shorts… Hard to explain that bcuz i was outside as i said playing in the snow. Well i woke up & saw Blood Everywhere in the Snow & didnt know ot was Mine.. Until i felt my Head & a Flap of Skin flopped over into ky Hand… They tied me up in a plastic Bag bcuz the Thought they Killed me & just threw me out of the window .. Police estimated they were kind enough to slow down to 35/40 Mph before throwing me out of the car window …my head hit the Ground first & it basically Scalped me.. I was 5 uears old & i was smart enough to put my head into a big Snowdrift & almost froze my left side of my head.. I took off walking down the road (In the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin) but a Police cruiser drove by saw all the blood & basically followed it rite to me… I almost was ready to fall down & Curl up in the Snow & all i had to keep me warm was the Plastic Bag i had been wrapped up in .. Well i remember the officer’s Face when he saw me & remember him sayin ” Oh sweet Jesus” i got to ride in his lap so the heater could unthaw me basically.. Well now zmy zname is Raymond L DuPree & the Officer who found me …well his Name was Raymond Lenard Devree …God was with me EVERY Moment that Day & i have no doubt in my Mind he Saves me inna LOT of was that day AND MANY Times Since then… He Loves us & forgives us no matter what weve done… Ive asked him to forgive those people who molested & tried to smother me to death with a pillow before tieing me up like Trash in a plastic Garbage Bag & throwing me out of the car at 40mph. How could a Child Survive that WITHOUT Devine intervention?! Its impossible !! God put his hands on me that day 40 years ago this December. As i said i Forgive them but they will STILL Have to Answer to the Lord if they Haven’t Yet. I begged God to forgive them & not to Damn their Souls to eternal Hellfire because one fine Day …id like an apology and an explanation. And No they Never Caught them.. Got away clean… instead my mother and my stepfather were under investigation for close to a month I have a newspaper articles but I don’t think I can put them on here God was with me that day and I believe he’s with me everyday at least angel are I’ve had too many near misses and walked away unscathed just too many for it to be a coincidence amen and thank you Jesus Christ

  • Janet

    When I was 3 years old I was outside playing with the dogs one dog got lose and chased down one of our baby ducks I ran as fast as I could to stop him from catching the duckling but I was to slow I found the little duckling and it’s neck was broken I took it to my Mommy and told her “Mommy it’s broken can you fix it” she screamed at me and went and told my father. My Father went and gathered up all our animals all the ducks all the kittens all the chickens and chicks all the rabbits and tied them in burlap sacks and beet them to death until they quit moving and made us children watch him murder all our animals and said this is what happens when you don’t take care of the animals. All my life I blamed myself for the murders of our animals until I became a reborn Christian and realized it wasn’t my fault my father was an evil monster that was an atheist until he got old and found God before he died!

  • Also Gagg

    First time on here God bless you all !
    I am looking for people to help in central Florida who are sick & tired of being sick in tired like I was a few months ago! God answered my prayers through a health coach who had lost 70 lbs & is now very healthy! I am working with him &lost 20lbs in less than 30 days getting healthier every day! If God has someone on your heart who has health or weight issues please have them contact me!

  • Laura Hickey

    I’m a Christian woman just trying to deal with life. Pray and love the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been at many healing services in my life and have been touched and healed at Kathrine Kulman,Benny Hinn,Billy Burke.Love to be under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Praying for my Son who is very depressed and other friends and family members who are suffering from cancer.. Hoping to be able to meet good Christian friends now. The world today is full of so many phoney people who just aren’t real Christians. As a single woman it’s hard lost my fiancee who passed away. So hope to meet good Christian friends.

  • Dee Robinson

    I’m so glad to see that so many responses to this site it’s a Amazing way to see how much people believe in the above and trust his words and have the Faith in the process

  • Jeffrey Casey

    On August of 1988 Jesus seek me out and I said, yes to Him and never looked back. I was incarcerated in a maximum prison in the state of Washington, sentence to die on death row in 1985, my sentence was commuted to 652 years, I end up doing 22 years, i got out 630 years early because of God. I never grew up going to church or being religious, but my parents were the best parents one could ever asked for. I was more intrigued by the lifestyle of the streets, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles I became a product of the lifestyle which had me facing the death penalty. But once Jesus came into my life everything change. I went real hard after the Lord I started reading my bible in its entirety I really didn’t understand it, but I felt the Word of God transforming my soul. Jesus said, my words are Spirit and they are life (John 6:63). I started telling everyone in the prison about Jesus and I’ve been out of prison for 11 years and I’m still telling people about Jesus. I go back into the same prisons and preach the gospel. I LOVE JESUS!!! Thank you Lord for saving me…..

    • kmenjivar

      Wow! Thanks for sharing your testimony Jeffrey. It’s great to hear the transformation God can do in people’s lives.

  • Steven palmateer

    Hello there,so much to say,since it’s 313 am, wife always in 100 pain due to health issues.
    I’m a cross maker when not working at Wal-Mart overnight maint.
    Funds tight due to my income and wife’s as I barely covers needs,but were grateful.
    Prayers for some of my crosses to sell for a dog neuter and necessities in life.
    Many blessings to everyone.feel free to find me on my facebook too.

  • Jeannie Landon

    God bless everyone on your Journey with God and I ask for prayer also for My Fill and Friends and a deeper walk with Christ to get rid of old habits that’s bringing me down and making me feel bad about myself and others feel bad about me. Help me me Lord to remember we are in a Spiritual Battle and withot the Full Armor of God I don’t stand a chance out there. Help me to Serve you Jesus to the best of my ability and please give me a willing and giving Spirit. And my Children and M y Grandbabies and thier Christain Mates. And My Mama And All my Family and Friends and loved ones in your Name and Our Saviour Name Amen

    • Nancy

      I want to thank you for your testimony. I to I’m going through the same thing. I believe in God with all my heart, but I’m having trouble getting into reading my bible, I go to church very Sunday and I know that God is with me, but when it comes to read the bible I start I can’t understand anything and I pray so God to reveal to me what is he trying g to show me, is nothing I don’t know what God wants me to do or what is that he wants me to do. Thank you for SHARING and I will pray for you and I guess I will wait until God show me what is that he wants me to do. Amen

  • Rhonda

    Hi, I’m Rhonda and I’m 25 years old. I didn’t grow up in a Christian family household although we did go to church sometimes with my aunt and uncle. I use to see my mom reading her bible but she never really applied anything to her life. She ran around on my dad and would always walk out on us but dad never did. About 2004 my parents became separated and going through their divorce. It became hard for my brother and i. We didn’t get to see our mom but every two weeks. But then we started VBS at a church with our cousin’s. One afternoon my dad told us to grab a change of clothes and we headed to the church and we talked with the pastor and explained what baptism was about and let us make the decision. We both decided to get baptized that day and the cool thing was that our dad was there. But then eventually when school started back he signed a paper saying that he gave our mother custody. We were excited to live with her. But eventually we started dealing with verbal and mental abuse. And later physical, but my brother didn’t deal with that. When I was 16 God found me and changed me and my life. It was amazing! But then I started falling away after 4 months. Then I had an eating disorder, dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. I wanted to take my life and I would cut my wrist. I thought everyday about hanging myself. I felt like everyone would be better off without me. And if they really hated me that much then I should leave. But I had a pastor who prayed for me until all the suicidal thoughts were gone. So then when I was 20 I was sexually molested by a guy in his fifties. I was judged by the pastor who had prayed for me and I was called a lot of names because of it. And after it happened I wanted to die. I’m glad I’m still here today but because of everything I keep God and everyone at a distance. And I’m not proud of it.

  • Cathe douglas

    I have a testimony. I have had depression/anxiety/panic disorder most of my life. It has consumed me, and taken control of my life. I’ve been in hospitals, committed, and just hopeless. Ive experienced it all!!
    I’m apostolic pentecostal. I believe in the power of healing. 2 weeks ago, I was healed at the altar of my church. I was at the point where no meds would help me. I was feeling very hopeless, and it was affected my every waking moment. I prayed for God to take it away from me prior to church service.
    Come sunday, I was a wreck, and wanted to stay home. I made myself go. Preaching was directed at me it seemed. I went up to pray with others. I surrendered, and asked God to take this from me. I felt a warmth on my head as my hands were upward. I cried, I screamed, and Was set FREE!!! THE MOST AMAZING FEELUNG EVER!!
    I am meds free 14 days, no withdrawals, nothing!!! Praise the Lord.

  • Bekah

    God is SO GOOD! I have been TRULY awakened. I have my personal testimony on my website. I was on my IG and found a link for this 2or3 app. I am so blessed to be able to shate, encourage, and uplift others here. That is my hearts desire, to BE A LIGHT in this DARKNESS. I had myself been in the dark for SO LONG. NOW ALL I WANT TO EAT,DRINK, AND BREATH IS JESUS! This app is an amazing tool to help each other GROW DAILY!

  • Janet Lostritto

    I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in April 3, 1979. But my walk was off and on for a bit. I didn’t have too many Christian friends so I still had my regular friends and was into some heavy drugs at that timeall drugs were available at that time so I was into it all. I was bullied so I cut out of school all the time, was sexually and verbally and physically abused in my younger years. I never had a boyfriend so getting married to my only one for 25 years but he left cheated and we tried to make it work but it was his way or no way. So we got divorced. God has been dealing with me through it all, I had my ups and downs but the bottom line is He never left me. He was there with open arms everytime. And forgave me every time. He lifted me out of the pit, He took me through the fire, He brought me through the flood, He held my hand through the storm. But now is a different experience, I am now trusting Him for my finances and I am not used to it but He amazes me everytime. I have never been as close to Him as I am now I a more real way. I talk with Him all the time about everything in my life and He takes care of it all. Right now, I am still having a hard time with dating sites and God knows it all, He has been helping me through it. Now I just want to talk with guys that it. Just being friends, God is so awesome!!

  • Ashley Nicole Harbin

    This is the best App EVER!!! The fellowship is absolutly amazing, everyone can learn from everyone! The prayer support and encouraging words from people everywhere is so inspiring. I thouroughly enjoy getting to know my brothers and sisters and I have developed what i know will turn into much needed life long friendships! Who ever invented this app, let me say from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!!! This app is changing lives, opening eyes and saving souls daily!!!! And I am sure God is so very proud and is smiling at this app! To God be all the glory! Thank you Lord!!!!

    In JESUS powerful name I loose overflowing outpouring of the holy spirit through this app and I bing ANYTHING that trys to get in its way, breaking any chain or stronghold that may come, and whatever I bind and loose on earth are bound and loosed in heaven! I decree that this app will do MIGHTY things and sace alot of lives!!! Thank you God! In JESUS (the one and only begotten Son of God, born of the virgin mary, crucified for our sins and resurected on the third day, at the right hand of the one and only God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob) name I Pray. Amen!

    • Nancy

      Yes….. thank you Ashley Nicole Harbin
      GOD IS SO GOOD AND HE GIVES US APPS so that we can say and talk to others what we are going through and also share our stories to help others. Thank you Jesus Amen

  • John Broadwater

    This app does bring the power of prayer to many people who did not have an outlet for prayer or Christian support that this app provides.


    the LORD has blessed me and he has been so good to me i thank him often for his blessing
    i thank him for opening my eyes each morning i pray no I’m not perfect dont try to be be i try to be nice to others its the Christian thing to do

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