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Faith, Food, and PAINT!

On May 14th the 2or3 team attended the final club meeting for the Oak Cliff division of Young Life, the well-known youth organization.


During the event, the students entered raffles, played games, and received a message from their leader. And there was paint and water balloons! The staff filled 200 water bottles with different color paints and 100 water balloons in preparation for the battle of ages. The students were divided in two teams of males versus females, which is always a set up for a battle. They armed themselves, and after the countdown, there was a loud “ Go!” For the next twenty minutes we watched students being hit in the face with water balloons, having paint poured in their hair, and screaming. At the end of the battle, by default, the ladies claimed the victory.



Next, the students transitioned from fight to feast as they began chowing down on hamburgers, chips, and cookies. The event was quite enjoyable. To see the students having fun, eating good food, and most importantly hearing a message of the gospel all in one place was phenomenal.


Young Life is a non-profit organization that brings the gospel to students right on their middle school or high school campuses. Through the work of this organization, millions of students have given their lives to Christ and moved forward in being discipled by leaders, fulfilling the great commission of making disciples of all nations.


If you would like more information on Young Life, check them out at: www.younglife.org.


Carrington Brown, aka: “The Fit Pastor,” is a Relationship Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur. His desire is to reflect God's love and inspire others to raise their standards in order to achieve their purpose. Carrington and his wife co-authored the book, Before The Next Step: Questions Before “I do,” which contains over 300 questions for couples to consider before going to the next level in their relationship. Brown also authored a 14-day devotional for couples called Love is.... As a speaker, Carrington motivates and inspires individuals to cultivate phenomenal relationships in the order of Source, Self, and Someone Else. Carrington received his Bachelors of Science in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University-Commerce. He and his beautiful wife Ashley, also known as Ashley Empowers, reside in Dallas, Texas with their two children.

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