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Getting into jail for FREE


Prison! A placed filled with drug dealers, thieves, murderers, and individuals who have no remorse for themselves or those around them…so they say. On Friday, April 13th, the 2or3 team had the privilege of experiencing a visit to prison for the first time. We connected with Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP for short). This program provides inmates with the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, work on business plans, create elevator pitches, and gain the information necessary to position themselves to live a life different than the one that led them to prison.  


Although they are inmates and in prison because of mistakes that they made, we were reminded that Christ went to the cross to forgive the world of all of our sins. We too should be willing to accept and forgive those around us. Yes, people wrong us, and inmates have broken laws. Yet, it’s important to remember that we have all broken God’s law and He is merciful to us. So we can show mercy to others.


During our time there we heard ideas about creating non-profits, mobile mechanic shops, and even a mobile app. PEP is an incredible organization. They help men and women get back on their feet after being released. The program reduces the re-incarceration rate and helps nearly 100% of graduates find and keep employment. They also present the gospel. Our team got to see firsthand how lives are being transformed for Christ and how incredibly impactful this organization is for inmates.  


We invite you to check out the PEP website and help however you can. Please also pray for those who come to know Jesus while incarcerated. How awesome it is that there is no obstacle too big and no sinner too broken for God to do the impossible in their life!



Carrington Brown, aka: “The Fit Pastor,” is a Relationship Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur. His desire is to reflect God's love and inspire others to raise their standards in order to achieve their purpose. Carrington and his wife co-authored the book, Before The Next Step: Questions Before “I do,” which contains over 300 questions for couples to consider before going to the next level in their relationship. Brown also authored a 14-day devotional for couples called Love is.... As a speaker, Carrington motivates and inspires individuals to cultivate phenomenal relationships in the order of Source, Self, and Someone Else. Carrington received his Bachelors of Science in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University-Commerce. He and his beautiful wife Ashley, also known as Ashley Empowers, reside in Dallas, Texas with their two children.

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