Introducing: Personalized Recommended Groups

If you’ve had the experience of not knowing which groups to join when you first started using 2or3, we have great news for new users like you:


With the new version 2.2 released last week, new users will now see a list of recommended groups based on the information they entered when they signed up. We encourage all users to fill in their home church information when signing up, as 2or3 will automatically recommend the relevant existing church groups. In addition, users who sign up through Facebook will see a few groups that his/her friends are in on the recommended list.


2or3 takes users’ privacy as one of our top concerns. While we collect the information users share while signing up, we only use the data collected to personalize and improve users’ experience. If you’d like to learn more about our privacy policy, please refer to or reach out to



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  • Alexis Zepeda Medina

    This is Alexis Zepeda and I’m a single dad 46 y/o my son he’s 7, were being going to the same church for 6 years and I love god whit all my heart,, but there is not friendship between people, the pastor he always give a place or a way to gather to meet people and how to start a friendship but no one gets there or no one care,,, I have made 2 friends in 6 years,, the rest they say hi you doing when your inside of church but outside in the playground or in the field is like nobody knows each other, every person act’s differently, I hope I can make some friends here.

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