Praying Together on the National Day of Prayer


It’s such a privilege to live in a country where we have a National Day of Prayer. This year, the National Day of Prayer is on May 3rd.


We know that God hears and answers our prayers, and we are so grateful! Proverbs 15:8 also says that our prayers delight God. At 2or3, we believe in the power of prayer. We see how it impacts people’s lives every day.


We are looking forward to this day of focused prayer for our nation. In preparation for it, we want to begin praying now, specifically for our communities, our states, and our country.


In the 2or3 app, there is a public group for the National Day of Prayer. There is also a list of states, with a prayer for each state (as well as DC and Puerto Rico). You can find these prayers under the Events tab, or by going to Notifications (under the Groups tab), then selecting Official.


Below the prayer for each state, you can add your own prayers in the comments. Then others can join you in praying for specific requests related to your state. You can also share these prayers on social media and invite others to join you in prayer.


We hope you’ll be encouraged in praying for your community, your state, and our country today.


Let’s join together in prayer, believing we will be amazed at God’s faithful, powerful work in answer to our prayers!

I grew up as a missionary kid with a dream of being a missionary, but God had other plans. After 12 years of chronic illness, God redirected my path and gave me a ministry through writing. Now I enjoy serving others through writing and speaking, coaching, blogging and more. I love to encourage people and share about God's grace, always greater than our need.

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