Introducing: Personal Management Tool

What if you had an “organizer” for your spiritual life? One place to keep track of everything?  We’re thrilled to announce the Personal Management Tool, which is designed to help you easily manage your prayers/prayer requests, events, polls, and even your Bible reading progress.


Have your daily prayer list handy.

Do you pray for ongoing concerns every day? Or do you sometimes forget prayer requests other people asked about? We believe prayer shouldn’t be about the hassles of repetition or memorization, but purely focused on our conversation with God. So we built a tool for you to manage all your prayer requests in one place. Whether it’s a need from your small group, a public prayer request you came across, or a prayer request you shared in 2or3, you will see all of them categorized by status (Ongoing, Fulfilled, or Closed).


Don’t forget to mark your prayer request as Fulfilled when it has been answered, so all of the people who prayed for you will get a notification witnessing God’s work. And your request will be listed in their Fulfilled category!


Manage your event calendar and polls.

2or3’s Personal Management Tool aims to provide you with an optimized experience for managing all of your activities in the app. You’ll see all of the events you registered for in the app categorized as Upcoming or Past. And all your polls are listed as Ongoing or Past.


In addition, the Read Bible option is now located on your personal management page. Whenever you’d like to continue reading, 2or3 will take you right back to the page you were reading last time!


What do you think of the personal management feature? Let us know your thoughts!

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